How to Be the Best Student in Your Class

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How to Be the Best Student in Your Class ?
Getting first rank in the class is desired by many students. The truth is that there is no proper alternative to hard work and having a plan. Here are some tips on how to achieve this as best as you can : 1. Be attentive in class. Paying attention is a simple way to do well. Not only will your teacher appreciate it, but it's a surefire way to score well on tests and be able to finish your homework faster.

2. Participate. More than just paying attention, participate! Many teachers factor participation into their grading, but even if they don't your participation is a great way to please your teacher by proving that you're paying attention. Moreover, your mind will be less likely to wander if you're constantly looking for ways to participate. a. Be confident when answering questions or making comments. It's okay if you are wrong once in a while. b. Ask questions. If you don't understand something it's best to get help since when it comes to test time you'll most likely ace it. Make up some questions and keep on talking in class. In addition, asking questions will show your teacher that you're paying attention and are engaged in the material.

3. Complete homework and assignments on time. Most teachers assign homework for a reason—to reinforce the things you learn in class. Completing your homework will help you prepare for tests and will also give you something to refer to when you participate ("I was a little lost on problem 5" or "This reminds me of chapter 9 from last night's reading because...")

4. Write neatly! Illegibility is a silly way to lose points on homework or a test. If you really have trouble writing neatly, talk to your teacher about typing assignments.

5. Don't goof off in class. If you do this you're most likely to get in trouble and it will ruin your reputation with the teacher. It will also interfere with your ability to learn while your in the class, and thus...
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