How to be Successful in College

Topics: High school, Study skills, Communication Pages: 2 (362 words) Published: April 26, 2013
Latannya Collins
Marlena McKay
Eng. Comp. I
31 March 2013

How to be Successful in College
College is a different transformation than high school. Its all about you learning to be an adult. Some students fall of there first year of college because they are not prepared and are use to mom and dad doing everything for the. In college you have to figure out your routine and if you want to be successful in college. It take self discipline, communication, active listener and study time. Learn to schedule your time around your classes and activities.

Self discipline is a key factor when striving for success in college. You have to stay focused and aware of all surrounding. When you transition to college from high school it’s a big challenge. In high school you depend more on teachers and fellow classmates in college you have to mature and become your own person. In college its all about being independent and staying focused.

When attending school you must learn to discipline yourself when it come to homework and studying. Being a active listener, learning to stay on schedule and maintain good class attendance. In college there will be a lot of distractions but it is up to you to stay sound minded and focused. Decisions and actions will hold the future for your goals. In order for all these things to take place you must have plenty of rest and good nutrition.

In college you have to use communication as a key element. You have to communicate with instructors and classmates or other students. Asking questions is essential to success in college. If you do not communicate in class you will fall behind, so make sure you talk in class as well in email and class discussions. Never be ashamed to interact in class because your question could help another person.

Success start within yourself. You will need to have self discipline, adequate study time, and excellent communication skills . These element will help you achieve success in college. If you prepare...
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