How to Balance Penn Foster Studies with Work and/or Family Demands.

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  • Published : October 3, 2011
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How to balance Penn Foster studies with work and/or family demands.

As a Penn Foster student I stride myself on balancing both my work and personal demands whenever possible. I know it’s very important to make time for my school work, and I really do try my best to take time out to do my school work, but sometimes it can be very difficult, especially when I have two jobs and coming home tired and drained. Working with the elderly full time and then leave and go straight to my part time job working with kids and reaching home, then do house work and cook dinner then take a hour to do my students by then I’m sleeping and I hardly got any of my school work done, by then I’m so drained.

Sometime I tried so hard to study for a few hours when I’m home, but I end up falling asleep because I don’t get enough sleep and my body is still tired and drain, even when I get a day off from work I am still working at home with house hold work, my job is never done. I do know that It’s important to finished my studies and I am trying I am. All my other studies I finished in good amount of time, I think I’m just having problem with this specific studies because I have to write essay for this studies and writing essay was and never is one of my favorite in high school then and it’s not now, but I’m trying by best to finished it because I would like to get my degree.

No matter how I tried to balance my studies and two jobs it never seems to work out the way I wanted it to because there’s always something and/or someone that’s there to interrupted me and once that happened well I have no interest to finished my studies at that point. Once I’m distracted from by studies and starts doing something else, my studies get put on the back burner until I get that desire again to finish up my studies.

I know balancing my Penn Foster studies and my two jobs has to be a priority and they both is and I doing my best to finished with these essay, once I am over with these...
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