How to Balance Penn Foster Studies with Work and Family Demands

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  • Published : April 16, 2013
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Pre writing for the process Analysis Essay

Topic: Balancing Penn Foster studies with work and family demands.

My name is Karissa Gumbs. I am a beautiful and vibrant young adult. I born in the month of July in the beautiful island of Anguilla. -------------------------------------------------
An online course was the last thing on my mind. When I told my parents about it they thought it was a marvellous idea and they started to encourage me. My siblings thought it was also a great idea. They said that it was going to be a challenge but in the end you will succeed. When I finally made the decision to get my Associates Degree my family agreed. -------------------------------------------------

A year has passed and now I am realizing how difficult it is to balance my studies, work, and family demands. Whenever I return home from work it seems as though my day have barely started. I spend time helping with cleaning, gardening, and paying bills. -------------------------------------------------

Regardless of all this I need to complete an assignment that is due in three days. Around 9:00 pm is the only time I get to do this. -------------------------------------------------
Besides all of this, in my free time I like to browse the internet, sing, dance, watch television, travel, and spend time with family and friends. -------------------------------------------------

Some of the places I have travel to are: St lucia, St kitts, Costo rico, Panama, Miami, florida. One of the places I will like to visit is the Netherlands. -------------------------------------------------

Something I always wanted to do in life is to have my own business in electronics. -------------------------------------------------
In the near future I would like to get married and have a family. -------------------------------------------------
I love the idea of doing my Penn foster degree online it allows me to take my time and...
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