How to Avoid Plagiarism

Topics: Academic dishonesty, University, Student Pages: 2 (515 words) Published: November 3, 2012
Why is Plagiarism being considered as a grave offence in universities? Plagiarism is considered to be a major offence that is being tackled by Universities globally; it’s a major dishonesty to the pupil and the University which is being cheated in its own ways.” Plagiarism specifically is a term used to describe a practice that involves knowingly taking and using another person’s work and claiming it, directly or indirectly, as your own.” (Neville C. , 2007) “Some students blame the pressure of writing to strict word limits” (Neville C. , 2007) When a student cheats he’s defeating the object which is learning and only causes problems for themselves. There are many reasons to why students choose to take this path, many students find that it’s the easiest way to doing an assignment but this can have many consequences such as a reduction in final marks are even disqualification from the university. Also even though there are students that legitimately try to cheat the system there are others that have troubles with the referencing and maybe therefore be held wrongly accounted as cheating. The most common way is by not referencing the quotes or referencing it incorrectly. This has led in a rise of complaints that have been made to Universities from students. "Put in context, we are talking here about 224 complaints from a student population of 2.2 million students in England and Wales" said Eric Thomas, president of Universities UK. (Coughlan, 2012) Its right that Universities punish students that are deliberately plagiarising the work they are handing in because it is only fair if they do their work from their own ideas their own thinking and mind set because that is exactly what other students are doing. “The most common reasons cited by student for cheating was because of grades, poor time management and ease”. (Neville C. , 2007) “Some students blame the pressure of writing to strict word limits” (Plagiarism:, 2012). “Plagiarism is not complete until the...
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