How to Assemble a Skateboard

Topics: Screw, Skateboard, Wheel Pages: 4 (1143 words) Published: December 4, 2012
Guide to Assembling a Skateboard
By: Robert Stanton


Wouldn't you want to know how to impress people with the knowledge of putting a skateboard together? Or maybe just to have fun with it. There is a few steps to assembling a skateboard and some of them are complex and take patience, but after reading this you will have no problems putting a skateboard together. The assembly of a skateboard is characterized by picking your parts, having the correct tools, and having a good work area to put it all together.

Parts and Materials
People use different parts and materials to set up their own skateboards. Some people like to have the best brands in the skateboard industry while others just like to use the basic parts. The list below shows the materials you need to assemble a simple skateboard: Maple wood board

Grip Tape
Trucks and Wheels
Bearings and Hardware
Risers (optional)
T Tool
Note: The trucks are the parts that connect the wheels to the whole board. A T tool is a tool shaped in the letter T that helps out on assembling the skateboard. It includes a screw driver as well to tighten the hardware. Any other tools similar to it will do but the T tool is the easiest one to use for the assembly preocess. All these parts including the T tool can be found at any skateboard store.

Buying the right material
Assembling the skateboard correctly
Test the skateboard
Buying the right material
First of all you are going to need to know some quality brnds, you dont want a cheesy skateboard because that is not going to impress anyone. Maple wood is good for a board because it is strong and flexible and is a popular choice for majr skate companies. So pick one out, set it on the ground and stand on it to get the right size you are comftorable with. Next, the trucks and wheels are an important factor and are the parts that will normally last you the longest. Good brand trucks are Thunder's and...
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