How to Apply a Chemical Relaxer

Topics: Hairdressing, Hair straightening, Chemistry Pages: 2 (528 words) Published: October 13, 2010

Being a professional hair stylist people are always asking me what is the proper way to apply a relaxer. There is no time to teach a class, so follow these simple instructions to get the best results. First, part the hair into four or five sections, depending on the thickness of the hair. Dry the hair. If moisture or sweat is present on the scalp get under a cool hair dryer for several minutes. It is recommended to apply protective cream around the hair line, scalp and ears to protect from the strong chemicals in the relaxer. Applying the relaxer, the processing cream is applied to the scalp area and hair ends. The body heat will speed up the processing action at the scalp. The hair is more porous at the ends and may be damaged. Beginning at the back right section of the head, part off ¼ inch of hair, depending on its thickness and curliness. Apply the relaxer ½ inch from the scalp, and spread ½ inch of the hair ends. First apply the relaxer to the top side of the hair. Then, raise the section and apply the relaxer underneath. Gently lay the hair up out of the way. Moving in clockwise direction, cover each section of the head in the same manner. Then, go back over the head in the same order, applying additional relaxing cream, if necessary, and spread the relaxer close to scalp and up to the ends. Smoothing the cream through the hair not only spreads the cream, but also gently stretches the hair into a straight pattern. While spreading the relaxer, pay close attention to its action by stretching the strand to see how fast the natural curl is being removed. Rinsing out the relaxer when the hair has been successfully straightened, rinse the relaxer out rapidly and thoroughly. The water should be warm, not hot. If the water is too hot, it may burn and cause discomfort because of the sensitive condition of the scalp. The force of the rinse water should be used to remove the relaxer and avoid tangling the hair....
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