How to Apply the Heimlich Maneuver

Topics: First aid, Henry Heimlich, Thorax Pages: 4 (1130 words) Published: September 9, 2012
How to Apply the Heimlich Maneuver
Lisa Glover
ENG 1010N
August 15, 2012

Thesis Statement: To apply the Heimlich maneuver is a simple action that will often dislodge food or another object from a person’s airway when they are choking. I. Determine if the person is a choking victim.

A. Cannot breathe or is making obvious efforts to take in breaths. B. Cannot speak effectively.
C. Blue or gray color.
D. Loss of consciousness
II. Reassure the person immediately that you are going to help. A. Get the person in a standing position.
B. If the victim can cough, encourage them to do so before attempting the Heimlich maneuver. C. Have someone else call for help.
III. Perform back blows to a true choking victim before proceeding to use the Heimlich maneuver. A. Use heel of hand to give back blows.
B. If nothing improves move to Heimlich maneuver.
C. Stand behind person with legs spread apart to form a tripod shape D. Reach around the person from behind and form a fist.
IV. Perform the Heimlich maneuver, also known as abdominal thrusts. A. Pull inward and upward, pressing into victim’s abdomen with quick upward thrusts. B. Make thrusts quick and forceful.

C. Perform 5 abdominal thrusts in quick succession.
D. If treating a pregnant woman or obese person modify your technique. E. Use less force if victim is a child.
F. If victim falls unconscious, stop thrusts immediately. G. Lie victim down on back if unconscious or can’t reach around victim. V. Check to see if normal breathing has returned.
A. If object was expelled breathing will return to normal. B. If check the mouth and see if you can dislodge anything obvious. C. Remain with the victim constantly.

The Heimlich maneuver is an emergency response technique that can save a life in seconds. Applying the Heimlich maneuver is a simple action that will often free food or another object from a person’s airway when they...
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