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How to Answer Law Questions

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How to Answer Law Questions

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  • March 10, 2011
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Lecturer's expectations

In this section, one of your lecturers - Loretta Inglis - sets out what she expects from student assignments on this topic. I expect that you will read all the information that has been given in the subject outline to help you to write the case study. There is a wealth of information there. Ideally, I expect consistent quality throughout all the sections of the report. You need to leave enough time to plan and write each section carefully. I expect that your Problem Identification section will succinctly identify problems (not just repeat case information), explain the problems using case evidence, and show how the theory relates to the problem. Possible Solutions should have clear, concise headings and include advantages and disadvantages in bullet point form. The Recommendations should be very specific - showing who has which responsibility - and should be justified using the theory. The Implementation section should summarise the changes which need to be made as specifically as possible, with someone responsible for seeing that they happen. To do your best, I also expect that you attend tutorials over the weeks before the assignment is due. There your tutor will work with you on practice case studies. Finally, a look at the information on this site will help you to understand how you might tackle the demanding task of integrating problem identification with case evidence and theoretical discussion - as well as the other challenging areas in the case study. ________________________________________

Notes on the case study method
The use of case studies is a widely accepted means of bringing theoretical concepts and practical situations together. It is not possible to take a class into an organisation and observe the subject matter of management or organisational behaviour in real life - hence a written case study outlining a real, or realistic, situation is the best available alternative. When reading and studying a case study it is...