How to Analyse an Advertisement

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Advertising: the basics
A good advertisement should have:
* a well-targeted headline
* clear design
* well-written text - known as 'copy'
The advert must be tailored to the type of print media and the potential reader's interests and habits. For example, if you sell gardening equipment, you might write a longer advert for a gardening magazine - where you can assume that the reader is already interested in the subject and so is more likely to read all the text. Likewise, you might write a shorter advert for a more general newspaper - where the reader's interest may be less easily sustained. Headline

* A good headline should catch the reader's attention and make them want to read on. It might ask a question or inspire curiosity. It may refer to a specific problem, e.g. a bed manufacturer could ask: "Had another bad night's sleep?" Or it may appear to offer the solution to a problem, eg "Ever wanted to know the secret of a good night's sleep?" * Don't overplay the actual message - people will feel let down if they read on and their expectations are not fulfilled. * A headline will encourage people to read on if it offers a clear benefit - such as "never have a bad night's sleep again". * It could also be used to create a fear of missing out in the reader's mind, eg "last few remaining". Clear design

* The way an advertisement looks plays a big part in attracting and retaining the reader's interest. * Avoid small or complicated typefaces that are difficult to read. And don't mix too many typefaces in one advertisement - use one or two at most. * Don't clutter the layout - keep plenty of white space in the advertisement - avoid the temptation to say too much. If your product or service needs more explaining - refer readers to your website or other easily accessible material. * Ensure your contact details are clearly positioned.

Well-written copy
* The amount of text you include depends on the purpose and size of the...
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