How to Achieve Success in Examinations

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1. Planning
Course Material
• Select the book which adequately covers the topic you are studying. You may also select different books for different topics • The key to selecting the right text book is consulting your teachers / senior students. You may also refer the list of recommended reading available on the website The All Essential Plan

• Panic makes you think less clearly, so avoid it by starting work early. • Lecturers/tutors assume that you will decide for yourself what and when to revise and may give little direction. A Good Plan Helps You:

• Identify if you are spending too much time on a topic • Know what you have already done.
• Know what still needs to be done
• Prioritize things for effective studying.
Factors be Considered When Planning
• Study Sessions should be from one to three hours
• Have a definite break every hour
• Avoid late hours
• Revision for other papers at the same time
• Family commitments, relationships, friendships
• Contingencies such as illness
• How much sleep you need
• Plan recreation and relaxation into your time table  Monitoring Your Plan
Check your plan regularly to see how well you are doing. You may need to amend your plan, e.g. if something unexpected happens or if some revision takes longer than expected. Sample Plan
The Sample Plan should contain the following columns:
• Name of Topic
• Source of coverage
• Time required
• Completion status
• Revision 1
• Revision 2
2. Preparation
Where to Study
• Always in the same place
• Choose a warm, light, well ventilated room
• Away from other distractions
• Properly furnished
Summarising Key Points
• Don’t make long notes in the form of paragraphs, which you may find difficult to learn and retain • Your notes should ideally be in the form of pointers which are easier to remember and quicker to revise • Underline important points

• Even if a paper involves mathematical calculation it is still very important that you study the theory also to learn the concepts and logic behind the mathematical workings and formulae. Principles of Understanding

• Always aim for understanding
• Look for examples to illustrate the topic
• Promote understanding by rearranging material, questioning the ideas and looking for links with old ideas • Consider your topic from all possible angles
 Principles of Memorizing
• Never memorize something that you don’t understand • Always try to link new material with what you have previously learnt • Select the important items to remember
• Organize the material into a meaningful system
• The sequence of memorizing should be the same as the logical sequence of the material • Long pieces should be memorized in shorter chunks
• Go over notes, reading etc. within 12 hours of writing, reading etc. • Try to master each topic before leaving it but do not spend so much time that other areas or subjects are ignored • Over learn. Don’t stop when you have only just learnt something •  Start each session with a review of the previous session  Mock Examinations

• Atleast 10-15 days before the end of the leave conduct real time mock examinations • Self assessment
Make an assessment of your answers by responding to the following questions related to the marks gained: - What were your total marks?
- How many marks were lost because you did not understand the theory? - How many marks did you lose as a result of simple errors in your responses? - How many marks were lost because you could not interpret a question or you answered a different question from the one you were asked? - How many marks were lost because you ran out of time?

• Identify weak areas
• Work on weak areas
• Go through the examiner comments
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