How This I Believe Made Me Look at Family

Topics: Essay, Short story, English-language films Pages: 2 (583 words) Published: November 29, 2010
On a day to day basis we depend on family and each other to make it through this world. When we come into this life, we start out with family; and by the end we have not only our family but a lot of others we have met through living. I’m going to touch on how we make those people we meet our family. Family is a much needed aspect in our lives whether it is conventional or unconventional. The essay, “The People Who Love You When No One Else Will,” is about a girl that had a father that wasn’t worth much, and they were living in a motel. That is an environment no 15 year old girl should have to live in. However, soon her best friend asked her parents if the girl could move in with them and they became the girl’s family. This incident illustrates that not all families are conventional. In the essay “Remembering All the Boys,” the writer treated everyone as a part of her family by putting flowers on their graves. She didn’t care who they were or what gang they were in; she treated them like one of her family. Even when nobody else would, she put flowers on their graves. She treated them as her family, because she knew that they were just like her brother and deserved the same flowers he did even if they were in a different gang than him. That in my opinion is a very kind gesture and shows a lot of unbiased care for people as a whole. The story in the essay “There Is No Job More Important than Parenting,” is a very touching story to say the least. It’s about a mother that cares so much for her daughter that she would do anything to help her out in life. It helped me realize that parents’ guide us where we need to go, and without them our fate is up in the air. It confirmed my belief that we need our parents the most throughout our lives. We rely on them for so much in our lives and people sometimes take our parents for granted. The essay “When Children Are Wanted” really touches on the subject of family. It shows that when a child is wanted then it has the best...
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