How These Events Affected the Renaissance Movement?

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  • Published : August 16, 2012
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Nailuj Hernandez
AP European History

Before the great Renaissance which was a time where everything flourished there was the 14th century, events hit it and it went into the dark ages. Death was everywhere, religion was confusing. The Bubonic Plague was one event that changed the movement towards the Renaissance. The sickness was hitting populations and dropping it like flies. There were only so many survivors. The Hundreds Years war became a civil war in France. The Great Schism played another part. It brought question to church leadership. So the question is how did these events help with the Renaissance movement? These all affected politically, economically and socially.

The Bubonic Plague was a widespread disease that killed millions. People were dead on the streets. Wealthy landowners were becoming poor because workers were dying and there was no one working with fear of getting sick. People questioned power because kings and lords were dying. They believed that if kings who were supposed to be picked by God were dying they were thinking why can’t I rule? This caused for the separation of powers during the Renaissance. When the plague hit overpopulated cities, this helped balance the economy of most overpopulated citied. Landowners were slow getting goods with little workers. Little people communicated with the plague going on. The Bubonic Plague contributed more to political and economical.

When Edward III, son to Queen Isabella of England tried getting the throne to France after Charles IV of France died they were denied the throne. The French said that no woman or woman’s son would take the throne. Then Philip confiscated Aquitaine, Edward saw that Philip had violated the Treaty of Paris. Edward saw that as a sign of war. This disrupted the economic factor of the wool trade of England and Flanders which threaten the prosperity of England. After the war both Countries promoted nationalism which gave them a sense of unity. Economically...
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