How the Wars Affect the Ordinary People

Topics: Secrecy, Nationalism, Nationality Pages: 1 (276 words) Published: June 22, 2011
Ordinary people are the 'cannon fodder' for the exploits of the wealthy who mislead us into war. Often the war is even 'fomented' by covert (secret) operations where rebels are trained and funded to stir up trouble, giving the Western oligarchs a good excuse to "intervene militarily'.

Either way you cut it, the wealthy use their 'corporate-friendly' mainstream news broadcasts to dummy down the public, create fictitious reasoning for war like: 'this operation is to establish democracy and freedom in the region', and thus the misinformed public start waving the banner for more war and destruction.

The higher up the economic scale one is in the West....the less likely one will 'rock the boat' or 'blow the whistle'. One is unlikely to risk loss of reputation, career and home by speaking out about the aggression and exploitation of weaker nations resources by the Western oil-agarchy.

So, war affects people ....It stirs up a false sense of patriotism; It leaves the people misinformed as to the real reasons for war; It devastates weaker nations infrastructure with continual bombing and missile fire; It creates fear and hatred in the hearts of the common citizens who have lost loved ones in the process; It causes the vanquished to store deep-seated hatred for the enemy; It foments fundamentalist groups of freedom-fighters within the weaker nation being attacked for its resources; It leaves the victor nations citizens with a completely false sense of pride because the dummied down public have'nt a clue their tax dollars and their lives were just 'used' by the oligarchy to steal and exploit the resources of a weaker nation.
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