How the Type of Work He or She Does Influences a Person's Lifestyle

Topics: Economy, Economics, Tertiary sector of the economy Pages: 2 (586 words) Published: October 1, 2009
1-) Illustrate how the type of work he or she does influences a person's lifestyle. For example, contrast a farmer, a factory worker, and a schoolteacher.

Work life of a person turns his/her life into another direction, in a way that the beliefs, perspectives, goals, human intercommunication depends on the person's profession or even the situation arrises if the person is unemployed. Begining from the pre-proffession, the person gains some qualifications, attributes, so; those characteristics of the person leads him/her to choose a particular working area. For example, an art-oriented creative minded student, is led to go to an art or related school and then the work life of that person goes into a direction of 'art related industy' work-life. So, that shows that having a profession influences a lifestyle also because of the required qulifications of life which leds the people into that job. Working in a job represents the time spend dealing with a particular area which will influence a person to think, exert, engage in work-related areas. For instance, a schoolteacher deals with the math almost all day long, which soon or later makes the teacher a math-minded, math- thinker even about the social life outside the school. Summing up, 'you are what you are doing' as it is said. If you are a lawyer, then law cannot be seperated from your lifestyle, your thinking even if you retire or quit.

2- ) Is it possible for an economy to be based on entirely on services?

Service sector in industrialized economies are rapidly increasing. Products have a higher service component than in previous decades. A service based economies are made up of service industries (rather than agriculture, mining or manufacturing). Infrastructure services (Banking, communication) are significantly connected with each sectors of the economy. Infrastructure services are the requirement for an economy to become more industrialized so that society needs these services. Service activities...
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