How the Social Networking Has Changed Communication

Topics: Facebook, Social network service, MySpace Pages: 2 (490 words) Published: October 18, 2012
Subject:How The Social Networking Has Changed Communication
There’s no doubt that social media sites such as myspace, facebook, twitter, tumblr etc. Changed the way we communicate. Those websites allow us to chat with our next door neighbour or people we’ve never seen in real life.We check people’s profilkes to find out where they are instead of phoning them or we send our party invitations via facebook rather than write them an invitation card. We prefer checking our friends’ or relatives’ photos, not visiting them. Updating photos on our blogs is easier hanging them on Wall. All these examples and more make us lazier because we put so little effort while communication and our life in bad way but on the other hand, one can’t deny that social networking helps us a lot in life too. When we’re no where to be found , our family or the police –in more serious cases- can check the last places we’ve been and who were with us there. We can chat with our family or send them our photos when we’re away for school. As a result, social networking has both bad and good effects, the important thing is that we use it when we need it and not becoming addicted to them. NOTES:

* The words such as poke, friending, tweeting, following etc. Are few of many words that we adapted from the social network websites to real life. * Social networking sites also give chances to young talents to Show their work and get known around the World. * Tumblr (blog website) is described as the website of the most creative people. Users of tumblr can post their own art, music, short movies or they can publish their own newpapers or fashion magazines. ıt’s also known that tumblr is largely used by fans of movies, boks and tv shows. They’re allowed to post their fanarts or opinions about these, therefore many tv networks and movie companies have their own tumblr blogs. Tumblr also holds place of being the first blogging website that barrack obama is user of....
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