How the Renaissance Changed Literature and England

Topics: Renaissance, Protestant Reformation, Printing press Pages: 1 (270 words) Published: October 5, 2010
How the Renaissance changed literature and England

Many events occurred during the Renaissance. For instance, Guttenberg from Germany invented the printing press in the late fourteen hundreds which was the turning point for literature. Now that the printing press was invented not only can the rich and noble obtain books, the lower class and uneducated citizens can also obtain these worldly possessions. Writers can now share their works to the world and not only to a select few.

During the Renaissance period literature blossomed. Everyone had a different set of mind on life. Carpe Diem, making the most of life, was the motto during the Renaissance. Many humanist writers and poets wrote about Carpe Diem and how the people should not worry about what happened yesterday but to live your life during the present and to live your life the fullest as if there were no tomorrow. Other humanist writes, such as, Thomas More, who wrote Utopia, wrote about a new world were there are shared ownership of land, private property does not exist, men and women are educated alike, and there is almost complete religious toleration.

Similar to many new writers and artists during the Renaissance, More was part of an intellectual movement known as humanism. Humanism was a new way of thinking and being during the Renaissance. The events during the Renaissance changed both England and the literature. The citizens of England became pleased with their government, and were in love with Queen Elizabeth the first. The literature at the time was marvelous. Many new writers’ and poets helped changed the way of thinking with their work.
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