How the Polar Bear Is Affected by Global Warming

Topics: Carbon dioxide, Polar bear, Arctic Ocean Pages: 3 (816 words) Published: December 9, 2011
An Unintentional Consequence – How the Polar Bear is affected by Global Warming

Imagine for a moment that you just woke up from a long nap to find everything around you was not the same as it was when you went to sleep: the temperature that you are use to experiencing is considerably warmer, you get a notice that you have to travel further to find your favorite cuisine, and the city has changed so much that you have a hard time maneuvering from place to place. In addition to being frustrated, you try to survive in these conditions that are unfamiliar to you and are not that easy to adapt to. Would you give up? Or would you somehow adapt? This is how Global Warming is affecting the life of the Polar Bear. Global Warming is where the temperatures in the Earths’ atmosphere and oceans continue to increase widely due to the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) and pollutants trapped in the air. The Arctic sea is heating twice as fast as the rest of the world, largely due to global warming. “Global warming has serious consequences for all living organisms, but it is of especially great concern for the polar bear” (Bear Planet, 2011). Global warming is causing the Arctic sea ice to melt, unintentionally changing the habitat that the polar bear is dependent on, causing it to dissipate. (Ganguly, 2011) “There are an estimated 20,000 Polar bears in the wild that depend on the arctic weather for their livelihood” (Bear Planet, 2011). The polar bear depends on the sea ice as a “hunting platform and a place to rest during a long swim” (Ganguly, 2011). As the habitat of the polar bear changes beneath its eyes, its ability to sustain it is questionable (Ganguly, 2011). This is a major dilemma that the polar bear is becoming faced with as the impact of global warming is becoming more apparent. Although these things are not happening all at the once, “the dangers of global warming are threatening the existence of the polar bear in the wild” (Bear Planet, 2011). As the...
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