How the Merger Influence in Barbour Brown Engineering Ltd

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How the merger influence in Barbour Brown Engineering Ltd

Unit Code:DE3D 34
Unit Title:Managing People and Organisations
Candidate Name:Zhao YaOu
Scottish Candidate Number:105131305
Instructor: Mr. Song

1.0 Introduction.2
2.0 Procedure.3
3.0 SWOT analysis3
3.1 Before the merger3
3.2 After the merger4
4.0 Structure of the present.6
5.0 Structure after the merger.8
6.0 The main situational variables of task.10
7.0 Authority, responsibility and delegation within new structure.11 8.0 Conclusion.12
9.0 References.12

1.0 Introduction.

This report is for assessment in of Manage People and Organization. It was requested by Mr. Song and submitted on the 24th of Dec. This report is based on the case study of Barbour Brown Engineering Ltd. The report aims to present the structure between pre-merger and currently structured. Additionally, this report also include the information about SWOT analysis as well as some theories and models.

2.0 Procedure.

To source this report:
A number of contents on Manage People and Organization were consulted. Some information which is related some websites. Materials from the case study that was handed out.

3.0 SWOT analysis

3.1 Before the merger

In the first place, Strength in Barbour Brown Ltd, They employed qualified employees. Jack can update their skills and James has mutual experience of management. The firm had a high quality of service, high quality design and meeting targets timorously within the quoted price. The company had strong financial resources. Secondly, with regard to weakness, the location is not appropriate, the company could not carry out work in the central belt. The office layout did not suit for the staff to work in, sometimes, may cause inconvenience. Thirdly, with respect to opportunity, Neil believed that it was essential to liaise fully with clients to ensure that the firm was able to provide the best service. And Being able to rely on the service of John firm had been a major benefit in gaining contracts. Furthermore, Neil and David believed in the principles of inward investment, they had always supported other local businesses. To this end they used local contractors, insurance brokers and accountants to provide services to the firm. Finally, threats in enterprise, they lost two important contracts to one of their competitors due to the competitive tendering, based on price.

3.2 After the merger

Strength in new company, firstly, Currently John, a chartered civil engineer, employed two teams. Each team comprised a team leader, digger driver and three qualified builders. They have enough staff and each staff have ability to accomplish implement project, different team dose different job, which can ensure efficiently working. Secondly, engineer has the formal authority to manage the construction staff, at the moment, as designers, there was an informal acceptance that the design engineer was in charge of a given project on site. This change makes it easier for engineers to work. And it will become the primarily beneficial to the new company.

Opportunities, firstly, the merger would become a new opportunity, after the merger, the two companies will complement the shortcomings of their own. Secondly, two major developments: new leisure complex and office block for the Scottish Executive. John and Neil were also aware that successful completion of this project could lead to more Scottish Executive projects. Merger can cost savings and facilitate the communication. Additionally, company can design large construction and build. Not only for small buildings. Consequently, it will bring more opportunity for new company.

Threats in new company, After the merger, it will appear more and more competitors. Such as other consulting engineers companies and Civil Engineering Contractors will consider about merger. There was competitive tendering, especially...
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