How the Media Treat and Report the Minority Group of People?

Topics: Sociology, Journalism, Mass media Pages: 2 (681 words) Published: January 23, 2013
How the media treat and report the minority group of people? Tina
The topic I chose is about'How the media treat and report the minority group of people?'. My research problem formulated from this topic is'Why the media treated and reported the Zhang Guorong--Leslie's death and Foxconn workers suicide so differently?'.      Leslie is a famous actor in Hong Kong and due to many reasons he jumped from a hotel building and suicided in April1st,2003.After the media reported his suicide grandly, his fans all over the world felt truly sorry for him and held his death anniversary very April 1st. The Foxconn is a big factory and in year 2010, 14 workers jumped from the building and suicided. At first, the media didn't pay much attention to report it until the number of the suicide kept increasing. The media reported that because of the large amount of the same work the kept doing day by day, they felt their life meaningless and as a result, they chose to suicide.      According to the internet(Baidu) and also my social experience, the media took Leslie's suicide more seriously than the Foxconn worker's suicide. When the public thought about Leslie's suicide, most of them felt truly pity about his death and will memorize him every year. But when came to Foxconn's suicide, most people only felt sorry for them and felt angry about the Foxcoon's rules, obviously there is no memorize activities for the died workers held by the pubic.      The reason why both media and the public took the death of Leslie--a famous celebrity more seriously is that the workers suicided in Foxconn are migrant workers--which we called the social minority group. As we know, migrant workers are special group of people came into being during he past 30 years in China, millions of farmer's sons with dreams left their countryside and came into the city, became a new important group of labors. They have low salary, living in bad accommodations and can't enjoy the same welfare as the citizens(Baidu...
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