How the Leather Industry Handles a Specific Operations Management Issue or Set of Issues

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How the Leather Industry Handles a Specific Operations Management Issues

Operations management is the field which is concerned with organizing and executing physical and technical activities of a firm. These actions are conducted by a combination of raw materials and processing or assembling the various components, using the services of workers, machines, tools and power. It is a typical integration of many different functions. Operations management plans normally include instructions in principle of general management, manufacturing and production system. An operation may be defined as “the process of changing input into outputs by adding value to some entity” (Edurkar, 2009). The two key functions are to provide a product or service and to sell that product or service. It involves the planning and scheming of all functions necessary for the procurement of the firm’s product or services. There are some specific aspects of operations management product or services to emphasize; company volume and location of business feasible for customers and suppliers, marketing strategies, techniques and machinery to make goods, workforce management and training and quality assurance (Operations Management, n.d.). While establishing a leather industry in Kanpur India or even a small unit, an entrepreneur is required to pay attention to various grounds like size, location and layout as they shape the efficiency of production. Such factors should preferably be considered by the entrepreneur at the project planning stage, and they must be cautious about them at the project implementation stage. A leather industry is commonly comprised of four sectors; the foremost and primary sector being the tanning and finishing sector (Singh, 2002). This phase in the production process possesses a lot of importance because the leather industry involves both small and heavy industries, so its size varies and depends upon the availability and accessibility of a large raw material base....
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