How the Internet Changed Our Society

Topics: Education, Internet, Instant messaging Pages: 2 (434 words) Published: October 26, 2011
The proliferation of the Internet technology has changed the understanding and experience of learning process, and in today’s highly competitive environment, the knowledge is power. Today, educational sectors are using the Internet and changing the way they work through increased investment in networking technology. Educators for all ages were quick to see the advantages of using a computer, the Internet and even email services as a way to teach their students. Many schools have their own websites that can allow students to communicate with their teachers if they have questions about a lesson or homework. Teachers have also set up safe Internet sites that are closely monitored by other teachers, so the children can have a kid-safe place on the Internet to be in contact with each other, discuss or post pictures of sporting events, or even share the latest school news with one another. It is said that children who read and write more will become better at reading and writing. Writing blog posts, status updates, text messages and instant messages all help motivate children to read and write. As more reputable colleges enter the online fray, more employees will see online degrees as legitimate, and more students will avoid the hassle of commuting or paying room and board. Online learning also adds an amazing amount of efficiency to the education system by removing various inefficiencies like traffic jams, walking between classes, and accommodating the lowest common denominator. It is no longer necessary to attend lessons in a classroom in order to further our learning because it can be accessed on the web. The widespread use of the Internet has globalized education and enabled educational institutions to be able to offer courses to students anywhere in the world. Students have the benefits of being able to access information from an almost unlimited resource. Teachers have the ability to quickly communicate with other educators from all over the world to collaborate...
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