How the Illuminati Effects the Music Industry

Topics: Electronic musical instrument, Music sequencer, Musical Instrument Digital Interface Pages: 3 (1068 words) Published: June 29, 2011
In this assignment I will be talking about how music technology has been used in various performances, I will be covering the Experimentalists all the way back in the 60s and I will talk about how it has become more apparent, frequent and mainstream. I will investigate back when Theremin was invented in the 20’s up until Analogue Synths and the implementation of MIDI today, I will also talk a little bit about software synthesis. Advance’s in music tech has had a massive impact on the way music sounds today and with this essay I will investigate the way that music tech manipulated, created and used today and I will also study the historical development. So let’s get to it… How music tech is used in performance…

Music tech is a very prominent part of musical performance, whether it be at a club, concert or festival, music tech has always been very important. Core equipment like DJ Decks, electronic instruments and even mixing desks (if used creatively) are very important when it comes to live performance, but there are artists out there that can get by with just a mic and a PA system… but I will not be talking about those artists, today I shall be talking about artists who exclusively use music technology to perform and create music. History of the MPC

The Akai MPC (First known as MIDI Production Centre now called Music Production Centre) is a very popular electronic musical instrument created in the late 80s. It was initially created to serve as a super powerful drum machine but the ability to loud your own sounds (samples) made it very unique and some people say that the MPC was a key part in the creation of Hip-Hop. In the early years of the MPC it was very basic and it was very limited as there was not much memory at all (Specs listed below) so with these limitations there was a demand for more memory, MPC60II was born with more sample memory and a headphone jack, which might sound basic now but back then this was revolutionary. SPECS OF THE VERY FIRST MPC:...
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