How the Idea of ‘Loss of Center’ Is Illustrated by Yehoshua and Kafka's Thematic and Stylistic Concerns

Topics: Zionism, Franz Kafka, The Metamorphosis Pages: 3 (1089 words) Published: December 2, 2012
Late ninetieth century and beginning of twentieth is the era of great writers who were ahead of their time and whose works were innovative and fascinating to their national and international audiences. For example, Israeli author A.B.Yehoshua and German F.Kafka were ones of first writers who had written their outstanding points about the modern world. First time social issue of loosing of Zionist ideology by young generation that created Israel has evolved from forbidden or hidden unity in the story “Facing the Forests”. Being similarly innovative, Kafka described a process of humanization of the non-human creature through imbuing it with humaneness in “Metamorphosis”. Many historical, political, and cultural events such as Proclamation of Independence of Israel state in 1948, Jewish fights for position in Prague in ninetieth century determined narratives of the texts. However, the stories have radically different subject matter, both Yehoshua and Kafka applied allegorical interpretation to it. In my point of view, in “Facing the Forests” the modern idea of “loss of center” was illustrated through lack of knowledge about Zionist ideology by young Jewish generation. Kafka identified Gregor Samsa as a centric figure who had lost physical human characteristics and attributes; however in fact he had became more humanized than his family members were. In “Facing the Forests” Yehoshua has chosen very controversial subject matter that touches the question of Middle East conflict. The story portrayed situation in the society in Israel followed by the historic events such as War of Independence, Proclamation of Independence if Israel in 1948, and Zionist movement for the resumption of Jewish sovereignty in the Land of Israel. I believe in the story the theme of Zionist ideology that holds Jewish people rights for homeland as any other nation was centric and most significant within Palestinian-Israeli cycle of violence. Although Yehoshua did not speak of it openly and...
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