How the Government Can Improve Transportation

Topics: Global warming, Transport, Natural environment Pages: 1 (409 words) Published: February 15, 2013
Should governments spend more money on improving roads and highway, or public transportation? A few days ago, one enticing cable television program aired in Korea has kept my eyes glued to watch its full story. One celebrated educator, Mr. Kim, affirmed that the government should expend on improving the lifestyle of cars, not on transportations. On the face of it, it seems that using cars can save people a whole lot of time if they are in a hurry. If we go deeper, however, this is no longer true for the following three reasons: to save the environment, to provide efficiency.          To begin with, as far as means of transportation is concerned, there is nothing more vital than the environmental. Global warming is an ideal instance. Global warming, one of the most serious environmental issues facing today, is largely due to the emission of greenhouse gas which is attributed to the burning of fossil fuels by human beings. Many scientists consider the main culprit of global warming as running cars and their exhaust fumes, and this great concern leads many countries to not only devise ways to substitute conventional energy resources but also encourage people to drive less often. In short, using transportation surely is eco-friendly.          Moreover, although you might argue that youngsters are busy with their professions, you cannot deny that all people can drive. For example, my cousin, Mary, had to go from Daegu to Seoul to have a conference. Nevertheless, the day before the conference, she realized that there was too much of traffic congestion by watching the news. As I suggested her to take KTX, Korea’s high speed rail system, she was able to get to the meeting on time. In short, improving on transportation can avoid traffic congestion.          Last but not least, saving gasoline is essential in today’s world. Since much of oil comes from the Middle East, people have been finding different resources rather than gasoline such as solar power energy. Although...
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