How the Earth Was Made

Topics: Ice age, Earth, Pleistocene Pages: 2 (498 words) Published: January 25, 2011
Reaction Paper How the Earth was Made
There were a few things I liked about the video how the earth was made. The video brought up some things that I had previously known about our planet’s development into what it is today. Also it brought about some interesting new theories about our planets ice ages, continental alignments and the water world theories. Here are some of the things that I had found most intriguing about this video.

The first thing that I found intriguing in the video was the fact that nobody knows for sure where all the water on our planet came from. The theory that was proposed in the video about asteroids, and comets seems to me to be the most plausible theory. The other thing that interested me about the oceans development was the fact that it had world-wide thunderstorms that lasted for millions of years that just blows my mind. Also there were once green iron rich oceans and there was no life up until these stromatalites began growing all over the planet and producing oxygen. This in turn caused the iron in the water to oxidize and settle out to the bottom of the ocean making our oceans the blue color they are today. The second thing about the video was the theory that the first super continent wasn’t what I had previously known it to be. The first super continent as far as I had known was Pangaea but the video takes you back even farther into earth’s history and scientist now believe the first super continent was actually Rhrodinia. Another thing is that I do believe that these super continents did actually exist because of the way the continents seemed to all fit together like pieces of a puzzle.

The third topic that I want to bring up is the ice age theories. The most interesting thing that I learned about this was just the simple fact that there were more than just a couple of ice ages there were actually many throughout earth’s history. For...
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