How the Computer Hardware and Software Are Used in Various Industry Areas.

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  • Published : November 4, 2011
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The computer has changed society today as much as the industrial revolution changed society in the 18th and 19th centuries. People interact directly with computers in fields such as:

-Teachers and students have been using computers in education for many years. Teachers have been taking advantage of advances in computer technology to help provide a better educational experience for their students. 2)Government (Malaysia)- Security

-A security threat can exist anywhere, and it is nearly impossible for humans alone to protect the country. As a result, computers now assist government, and law enforcement officials with monitoring and maintaining security especially controlling the number of foreigners in the country. 3)Hospitality – hotel industry

-Before technology use became widespread in the hospitality industry, the service that customers received was personal but inefficient. For example, most hotel reservations and transactions were recorded manually on paper, which was a time-consuming process. As technology evolved and became more prominent in the hospitality industry, hotels and restaurants began running their business more efficiently 4)Travel

-As you make the journey, you may interact with some of the latest technology. In preparing for a trip, you may need to reserve a car, hotel or flight. As technology evolved and became more prominent in tourism industry, many websites offer these services to the public. Vehicles manufactured today or even the latest phone also equip with some type of onboard navigation system which make traveling to different places easier.

-Manufacturing plays a crucial role in today’s society. Automakers, for example, manufacture cars on an assembly line. These organizations often find that using computers in the manufacturing process requires fewer people-hours, and products and parts are manufactured with greater accuracy and less waste. 6)Transportation

-What is transportation...
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