How the Colonization in the Usa Was Different as the Colonization in South America

Topics: United States, Massachusetts, North America Pages: 2 (506 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Places, better said, continents, like South and North America, were not always like they look now. There was no countries, no big cities, and no civilized life. There was only native tribes and nature. What we look now is product of what it's called "colonization". Of course, none of the two pieces of the continent were colonized in the same way. First, I am going to explained how was the colonization in the USA, and then the colonization in South America.

North America, XVII century. It all started in 1607, when a tiny village was built in Jamestown by a group of british settlers. They were the first colony on these terrains.

Several years later (I am talking about 1620) came a group of English puritans to the northeast zone of the USA, zone that they used to called New England. In those days were the practices of the Catholicism to uptight. Therefore came these colonizers to America, running away from the persecution in the English lands. They had the intention to found a colony, which was based on their own religious ideals. Around 1635 there was already some colonizers migrating to the zone that later was name Connecticut.

North America, XVIII century. By 1773, the English had already taken thirteen colonies along the Atlantic coast. Since New Hampshire to Georgia. Which means, since the north, to the south. Those colonies were: New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Caroline, South Caroline, and Georgia. Those were the begins of the colonization in the USA.

South America, XV century. The whole story begins in these times, when the new world was discovered. Christopher Columbus (English for Cristóbal Colón) was the first person to be in American grounds. He came for the first time in 1492. The real purpose of the conquest of America, was to take everything they could and return. At first, all what they want was richness. The real conquest on Mexican...
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