How the City Hurts Your Brain

Topics: Brain, Psychology, Mind Pages: 2 (598 words) Published: September 20, 2012
How the city hurts your brain
The city life affects and hurts the human brain in many ways, and more than 50% of the world’s population, now lives in the cities. In the British newspaper Boston Globe, Jonah Lehrer poses these topics in his article “How the city hurts your brain.” Jonah Lehrer’s newspaper article is based on a scientific investigation on how the city hurts the brain, and also what experts think the solution is. Psychologists claim, according to Jonah Lehrer, the solution to the city life problems is the nature. But this article is not just about posing the cities as bad places, he does not just point out all the negative aspects of the city, but makes sure also to inform about all the positive things. He mentions a lot of pros and cons, like if we did not have the cities, we would probably never have had the great art of Shakespeare or Pablo Picasso. Right after he writes these sentences, he says that the city is also an overwhelming and very unnatural place. It makes the article more interesting and varied to read. We are aware of the serious aspect of this article, because he mentions the fact that over 50% of the world’s population now lives in the cities. So this article affects a lot of people, not just the people who lives in Boston, because of course Boston is not the only big city in the world. He brings in a lot of examples through the article, which poses him as a reliable person, a person we can trust. He refers to Marc Berman a psychologist from the University of Michigan, and he uses scientific words, which gives him creditability, he knows what he talks about, he does this a lot. It is not just his own opinions or thoughts, it is the words from a scientific expert. Jonah Lehrer’s language is very informative, and he does not use slang, which makes us aware of the serious topic too. Jonah Lehrer writes in his article that there are a lot of things, which damages our brains. Even if we have just been in the city for a short time, we...
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