How the Award of a Scholarship Will Help Me to Realise My Full Potentials

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  • Published : May 2, 2013
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DATE: May 2, 2013

How the award of a scholarship will help me to realize my full potential In my career
It will help me to be dedicated to the accounting profession that requires a high level of skill and a commitment to serving the public interest.

Also, it will enhance my focus on studying ACCA to acquire and acquaint myself with ACCA ‘ s own Code of Ethics and Conduct in line with standards set by IFAC: five fundamental principles of Integrity , Objectivity , professional competence and due care , confidentiality and professional behavior.

Candidly, these principles demonstrate what it means to be a professional accountant and act as the criteria against which my behavior as a member is measured. They will guide my judgments, decisions and actions when acting in a professional capacity, and when faced with ethical dilemmas.

My judgment is enhanced to help businesses manage risks, champion enterprise and create value in this period of global economic recession.

If given the opportunity to complete the ACCA program through the Simpson Scholarship benefits, the highlighted qualities will be evidenced in the discharge of my professional duty wherever I find myself as I will be talking from the point of a trained and well-bred professional accountant as a member through this assisted project.

In my country
The diagnostic survey conducted in 2001 as reported by Kenneth Enoch Okpala into the Federal Government of Nigeria’s public procurement revealed that Nigeria lost several hundred billions of Naira over the last few decades due to flagrant abuse of procedures, lack of transparency and merit in the award of contracts in the public sector. Measures like legislative committees, financial audit, ministerial control, judicial reviews, anti-corruption agencies, advisory committees, parliamentary questions and public hearings were suggested to ensure accountability in the public sector. This study...
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