How the American Revolution Got Started

Topics: United States Constitution, United States Declaration of Independence, United States Pages: 3 (860 words) Published: March 30, 2011
American Revolution
The events that took place before the American Revolution affected history in such a way giving the British and colonists the need to have a Revolution. The French and Indian war is the name for the war that took place between Great Britain and France in North America from 1754 to 1763. The aftermath of this war was a big part leading up to the American Revolution. The war changed economic, political, and social relations between the three European powers (Britain, France, and Spain) their colonies and colonists, and the natives that occupied the territories they demanded. The war finally ended with the signing of the treaty of Paris in 1763. France and Britain suffered financially because of the war. The stamp act came along in 1765, this was a direct tax imposed by the British parliament on the colonies. The act required that almost all printed materials must be produced on stamped paper. This consisted of legal documents, magazines, newspapers etc. The purpose of this tax was to pay for troops stationed in North America after the British Victory in the seven years’ war. The stamp Act congress was a meeting of representatives from the thirteen colonies. They discussed and acted upon the stamp act that was passed by the governing parliament of Great Britain, and did not include any representatives from the colonies. The congress then put together the declaration of the stamp act congress, which was fourteen points of colonial protest. They issued it to the king and parliament in hopes of repealing the stamp act. The Townsend acts were a series of laws passed beginning in 1767 by the Great Britain parliament in relation to the British colonies in North America, The acts being named after Charles Townshend who was the Chancellor of the Exchequer. Overall this was an internal tax on economic activity within a single colony; Townsend wanted the external taxes which was an economic activity that goes through a colony and into other parts of the...
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