How Telecom Operators Can Improve Their Customer Acquisition

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How Telecom Providers Can Improve Their Customer Acquisition ... Acquiring customers is critical to the financial success of your business. Many companies take the decision to land-grab customers in order to secure new business, however a more sustainable approach is to strategically determine what type of customer best suits your business needs. This more strategic approach will guarantee you are able to engage high quality, profitable customers. Make products Available, Accessible and Affordable.

Venture into Rural Areas
Agreed to all of this one of most basic to all these is relationship marketing we need to embark upon in order to encash upon the situation. For any business to succeed, it is necessary to make Available simple Products, that are Easily Accessible and Generally Affordable to the common mass. In mid 95' when Mobile service started in India, I happened to be the Head of Switching in ... I also agree to Mr. Paul, making products available, accessible and affordable will solve the problems of the telecos. But after doing this I would suggest marketing because people should also be aware of what is the best and cheapest in the market. The Indian telecom landscape has today emerged as one of the most dynamic business segments in the country. The last five years, in particular, have witnessed a plethora of changes resulting in what we are now seeing - a highly competitive industry with about 39 million subscribers as of January 2005, and growing at the rate of 85 percent annually. These changes have taken place in almost every aspect of the business, be it pricing strategies, policy legislations such as the unified license regime, or foreign investment regulations. So what should be the companies strategies to retain customers..? Differentiate from competitors and add value to the customer. Instead of offering generic services, innovate to offer customized services. I agree with Mr. Makrand Bhave about his opinion but before that again the question comes of basic things for which we are looking at telecom companies. Now a days in the race of giving more to the customer telecom companies are forgetting about the basic need of a customer and that is a good quality service. Still people face range problem from their service provider. Companies do show funny/emotional advertisements and about their services but the basic services are not met upto the expectation then how come anyone will go for other value added services. It has to now do with the WOW factor!! After some amazing communication, glossy emotional ads and even some that are funny, I think the consumer needs to be WOWed! That could be by way of VAS, cost cuts or time plans or maybe even an offer that kicks the customer to become a member just to enjoy being WOWed!! :) BTW Airtel tie up with the Harry Potter Half Blood Prince games is a definite WOW for all Hattu Potter fans! Jai Ho... :))

When will the new telcos achieve break even in such a tough competition..??

New telecom operators are facing rough weather in the world’s fastest-growing telecom market. New entrants like Telenor-Unitech, Swan Telecom and Videocon’s Datacom are facing challenges related to brand building, distribution, spectrum availability, organisation building, negative free cash flow and scale. When will they start making profits..??

well i dont think they are thinking of making profits rite away.... 1.with due course of time and 4g services rolling out these companies can hope to capitalize on the broadband market 2.these companies would surely make profit if they invest enough and properly such that they are able to provide better connectivity and better deals. This topic is having discussion related to strategies and methodologies to acquire customers... But does it work every time..I think their is a saturation point in every field, then arises the need for INNOVATION. Here is a small story on innovation and creativity of a group of youngsters. I came across...
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