How Technology Is Changes the Way News Is Produced

Topics: Mass media, Social media, Journalism Pages: 8 (2581 words) Published: October 29, 2012
Name: Rofhiwa Madzena
Student no. 561044
Level: Media Studies 200
Course: Sociology of News Production
Lecturer: MJ Khan
Tutor: Joyce Omwoha
Word count: 2536
Date due: 03 October 2012
Essay topic: Technology is changing the way media is produced. Critically discuss this statement with regards to a community news outlet of your choice (broadcast, print, online or a combination). You can draw on a variety of research activities to substantiate your position, including statistics and interviews.

Technology is changing the way in which media is produced. In recent years we have seen how the technological determinants of news production are gradually becoming a more popular aspect of the way in which the different media is created and presented to audiences. This essay critically looks at technology and the online social mediums and the impact that these factors have on the way the news in the culinary community (Taste magazine specifically) is formulated and does this by drawing on various research which has been done to illustrate the growing significance of technology and how it is beginning to undermine and side line traditional forms of media and the traditional means in which media and news content, particularly in community news outlets is produced for the public. News Events which occur in the culinary community are compromised because many of them rely on traditional forms of media production to relay the messages about events to target and general audiences and yet it can be observed that even in this era of technology community outlets are still largely dependent on traditional determinants of media; the transition to more technological factors has been gradual which is not necessarily a negative thing because accessibility the of technology is not available to all sectors of society. how they try to deal with digitisation

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Over the past few years media culture has been altered to suit the fast growing trend of all media content being readily available on social networks and on the internet. The media world is experiencing great levels of digitisation which refers to the converting of media content to a digital form which would then allow for it to be obtainable on digital devices for the masses that have access to the internet. This is one of the greatest challenges that traditional media forms have to struggle with because people, younger generations in particular have shied away from relying on traditional forms of media as a source of news and entertainment and have rather become reliant on online social media platforms and the internet as a source of news and entertainment. People have also become largely active with the media in that their opinions on particular news events matter and form as part of the production process of different media content which has not been a constant part of traditional media (newspapers, television, magazines and radio). This essay will look at the statement which...
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