How Technology in the 1800s Worsened America

Topics: Incandescent light bulb, Southern United States, United States Pages: 3 (1117 words) Published: February 21, 2013
Technology and advancement is great right? Sure, for some people. Technology and advancement can have its benefits, but it can also have its negative impacts as well. In fact, a perfect time period to see this negative impact in technological advancement is the second half of the nineteenth-century in America. American technology and industrialization changed the life of many social groups. Some positively, but most negatively. The urban population felt the worst impact during this period. The New South also felt the negative effects of this period, and the middle-class got a little bit of both good and bad. Generally, in the late 1800s, technological advancements and industrialization had a severely negative impact on many different social groups. The urban population got one of the worst deals in the 1800s. With the amount of immigrants coming into America, the urban population had to deal with lesser jobs, homes, and opportunities. Plus, with the building boom, there was a need for space like never before. This need for space led to the establishment of tenements, which are residential homes that held the capability of holding hundreds of tenants because of the close quarters people had to live in. But not bad for the urban population. The urban population got to live around some of the greatest architectural advancements of the time. In 1883, the Brooklyn Bridge was acclaimed by many as the most original American construction. Another amazing advancement for the time for not only the urban population, but all of the World was the lightbulb. The lightbulb was a new technology that changed the world forever. The impact it had on urban population is the same as the impact it had on the entire world; it lit up the world from darkness. People even knew the impact the light bulb would have when it was first developed. An advertisement for the light bulb shops the light bulb lighting up all different parts of the world, from Japan to France to Chili. The light...
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