How Technology Effect Youth Today?

Topics: Mobile phone, Instant messaging, Internet Pages: 1 (345 words) Published: September 25, 2012
Do you think Technology is effecting our youth today? Do you think it is a bad influence? Do you think it’s becoming a problem with their learning? Because of technology today more students are more advance and proficient in school with their school work.

With technology being used today in the schools, households, etc. students are more advanced in their classes and school work. They can do assignments on their laptops and email them in that same day. They can even use their cellular device to look up things. They can go on Google and/ or they can use the web on the cell phone to look up things. They can even take pictures of their assignments if they don’t feel like writing them down or they can record their teacher’s lesson. With Technology today teachers or parents may say its harming their child/children, but actually it’s not. Your child has to have balance. In other words know how much time to spend on Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter etc. In my household I am allowed to get on Facebook, Twitter, and/or YouTube. For more than an hour but all school work and chorus have to be completed. I usually spend over an hour on there because, yes it is addicting but you have to have balance. In an article online I read it stated “On average, a teenager uses his or her cell phone more than 100 times per week. Technology is becoming an addiction. Today’s youth crave instant satisfaction, and our desires are met by broadband Internet and text messaging.”

“Our society no longer has time or the need to have a good old sit down and a chin wag. We can communicate via intricate networks and satellites.” It’s basically saying that our youth are not communicating like we use too now we can get on Skype, or Oovoo and even Facetime each other. We don’t go out anymore and spend with each other. Which i disagree with that statement because our youth and teens still communicate like we used to.
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