How Technology Changed the Way We Do Business

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  • Published : November 7, 2011
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How Technology Has Changed Business Communication

Ashford University
Management Communications with Technology Tools

As civilization has evolved so has communication technology. From letters to phone calls to email, basic communication methods have consistently progressed into the complex systems we have today. As humans continue to become more dependent on technological communication, such improvements will continue to be made. Modern day communication technology has essentially made interaction instantaneous, inexpensive and concise. This essay will reflect how technology has changed business communication.

In the 1970s and 1980s, corporate communicators plugged into the world of computers first as word processing, and then desktop publishing, improving our ability to get words on paper and to our audiences. But according to the experts, desktop publishing will be a mere footnote to the history that is beginning to be made by multimedia publishing. (Wilson, 1993).

We’ve come a long way since the very first instances of verbal and written communication. From the early stages of speech, along with the primitive use of symbols and pictures to convey messages to one another, we’ve evolved into a communications powerhouse. Data has never been transferred faster and communication has thus never been more sophisticated than it is right now.

Communication in organizations encompasses all the means, both formal and informal, by which information is passed up, down, and across the network of managers and employees in a business. These various modes of communication may be used to disseminate official information between employees and management, to exchange hearsay and rumors, or anything in between. The challenge for businesses is to channel these myriad communications so they serve to improve customer relations, bolster employee satisfaction, build knowledge-sharing throughout the organization, and most importantly, enhance the firm's competitiveness. (Enc. Of Business, 2011).

Have you asked yourself why technology is so important today? Just take a look around you and you will know why. Literally, at every instant of time, we are surrounded by technology. Whether you are working or resting, you are always using technology. The importance of technology, in fact lies in its omnipresence and widespread use. (Nelson, 2011).

According to author Steven Magill, he states, “the advent of the Internet has made global communication inexpensive and available to everyone. It has affected the very way we communicate and transact. The information age has made businesses compete in an almost level playing field. These days, you can have your website optimized by an SEO expert so that the website can even be read in welsh”. (Magill, 2011). Why is Technology So Important Today?

Considering the pace at which technology is advancing, it has become necessary to understand the importance of technology so that we can keep up with the racing time. Technology has become important in the fast life of today. It is technology, which has sped up our lives; it is technology, which has brought distant locations closer and made the world a smaller place to live.

One company agrees how technology has changed business communication is General Motors Company (GMC), with the launch of its new software that provides better customer care and revolutionized business communication. "We live in a digital age where customers expect communication through the Web, email, mobile and social media--not just print," according to Barb Pellow, group director, InfoTrends. "Abilities to create, format and deliver communications across both digital as well as traditional channels, such as those found in GMC Inspire, allow enterprises to benefit from a much more integrated approach to their communication strategy." (Business Wire, 2011).

Businesses, small and big, need technology to be part of their infrastructure. Expansion by companies takes place by...
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