How Supplements Can Help in Mass Gain and Muscle Building

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  • Published : February 27, 2011
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Research Proposal
Name: Yuvaraj Muralitharan
Student ID:1101G13735
Date of Proposal:27/02/2011
Subject Title:Health and Fitness
Research Topic:How Supplements Can Help In Mass Gaining and Muscle -------------------------------------------------

It all started when I used to be bullied and teased due to my physique. I was a very thin kid since young, and as I was a tall kid with a body mass which didn’t match my height, I was exempted from certain rough sports like rugby and I was not chosen for the school football team even when I performed well for the selection as I was deemed too skinny. My weight when I was 16 years old was just 55kg. Last year it went up to 60kg. This is when I started to work out with a few friends and noticed difference in my body. I was more ripped, had more strength, and I was more confident of myself. I gained 4kg in the space of 3 months and I felt much better with my gain. This was when I thought of using supplements to improve my gain. I hope my research would help others with the same problem I faced to improve themselves.

Chosen Capability
As I would like to gain body mass and improve my fitness level, the capability that would suit my research project is personal development. I would be able to develop my physique, enhance my appearance and also boost my confidence. By doing this, I would also improve my Body Mass Index (BMI) whicih currently shows I’m underweight. Research Processes

Tabulating the results of my 3 month workout plan without supplements and the same plan with supplements. By comparing the results, I will be able to identify the differences and the benefits of supplements. With the help of my personal trainer, I will undergo a workout plan for 3 months with certain supplements taken in proper amount. I would consider a safe and ethical approach as I would be supervised by a qualified personal...
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