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How Successful Was Queen Elizabeth I?
Who was Queen Elizabeth I?
Queen Elizabeth I was the fifth and final Tudor monarch and the youngest daughter of King Henry VIII. Her mother, Anne Boleyn, was the second of Henry’s six wives and was executed before Elizabeth was even three years of age. She was the successor of her older sister Mary I, also known as Bloody Mary, and Elizabeth’s successor was James I of the Stuart Era.

Whilst her sister, Mary, was Queen Elizabeth was imprisoned in London Tower by her as Mary felt threatened by her protestant younger sister; she was thought of as “the saviour” of the persecuted Protestants under Mary’s reign. After Mary fell ‘pregnant’ Elizabeth was seen as no longer a threat so she was returned to her residence at Hatfield under semi-house arrest.

When news of her sister’s death and that she was queen reached Elizabeth she quoted the 118th Psalms twenty-third line in Latin: “A dominium factum est illud, et est miarable in oculis notris” Translated means:

“It is the Lord’s doing, and it is marvellous in our eyes.”

Elizabeth had survived and was finally Queen of England.

Elizabeth and Marriage
Queen Elizabeth faced many problems during her forty-five year long reign and one of the large ones was marriage. Elizabeth was very popular and had over twenty proposals but after much consideration and speculation she narrowed it down to five possible candidates: * Philip of Spain

* Robert Dudley
* Duke of Alenҫon
* Eric of Sweden
* William of Orange
All of the suitors had their pros and cons like Philip of Spain was a strong alliance and very wealthy but he was married to Mary and he was very opposed to Elizabeth’s Religion (Protestant) and as he was catholic it would mean another change in religion. Also Duke of Alenҫon owned lots of French land however; he was also catholic and much younger than Elizabeth. Philip of Spain and the Duke of Alenҫon had similar reason whereas Eric of Sweden was a protestant and very popular yet he was extremely poor and not a strong alliance. Robert Dudley was definitely the queen’s favourite, he was an Englishman, a protestant, and they knew each other very well and to put the icing on the cake he was very rich too. Finally William of Orange was the last of her choices and was most probably the suitor with the most promising aspects, he was a strong protestant, his mother was the Queen of Holland and fabulously wealthy his only let down was also a positive; he was fighting with Spain but if the Dutch and English joined forces in theory they could overthrow Spain and she could kill two birds with one stone consequently to her marrying William of Orange. If she were to marry anyone he probably would have been the best choice for the benefit of her country. After much thought she gave a speech to her subjects as to her decision on the subject of marriage. In her speech she said she wasn’t going to get married because she was already married – to her country. I think she was very successful in making the decision not to get married because if she had done it would have led to a heap of problems such as: * Marrying an Englishman would have led to jealousy amongst others * Marrying a foreigner might have led to meddling in the running of the country * A man might try to take over England

The only problem that she caused by not getting married was there now was a very bear chance there would be a protestant heir to the throne.

Elizabeth and Religion
When Elizabeth became Queen in 1558 she had three possible choices to make about religion. The first possible choice was to keep England catholic. This would be a good idea because Spain would remain friendly. It would be a bad idea, however, because Elizabeth would lose control of the money from the English church.

Her next potential alternative was to make England completely protestant. This would have been a decent notion because it would please many of her...
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