How Successful Was Kennedy in Dealing with the Problem of the Soviet Missiles in Cuba?

Topics: Cuban Missile Crisis, Soviet Union, Cuba Pages: 2 (476 words) Published: March 11, 2012
How successful was Kennedy in dealing with the problem of the Soviet missiles in Cuba?

Kennedy was successful in dealing with the missiles in Cuba for these reasons. One way in which he tackled the problem was that he actually got the missiles out of Cuba after he discovered them in October 14th. Kennedy got the missiles out by promising not to invade Cuba and so the Cubans and USSR agreed to take the missiles out of Cuba with no problems this was on 26th October only 12 days later. This showed great meticulousness by Kennedy.

However, in return the missiles in Turkey also had to be removed. So to an extent Kennedy was successful, but he was unsuccessful, as he had to remove them from Turkey. Also he made the Turkey missiles secret, so it made Kennedy look as if he won. Kennedy was successful in dealing with the problems, because he only accepted the first letter, and took initiative.

Kennedy had 5 options to choose from. If he chose to invade Cuba, he would get rid of Castro, and the missiles will be destroyed. However, if he did this, it would guarantee an immediate response from Khrushchev, and could lead to a nuclear war. It would be advisable to do nothing, as America has a lot more missiles than Russia. However, Kennedy would be going against his words, if he did nothing, as he said he would declare a war. If Kennedy blockaded the route into Cuba, which was apposed on October 26th, it would show America was serious and would make Russia make the first move. However, a blockade is illegal. Kennedy could do an airstrike to take out all the nuclear bases, but it was not guaranteed that he would take them all out. Lastly he could take the diplomatic route, this would get to the bottom of the route, however it would make Kennedy look weak. Kennedy took the naval blockade, as this would make Russia make the first move. I believe this was a good plan because it dealt with the problem of removing missiles in Cuba, because it made Russia makes the first...
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