How Successful Was Bismark in Political Control in Germany Between 1871-1890 ?

Topics: German Empire, Prussia, Frederick III, German Emperor Pages: 3 (1104 words) Published: January 2, 2013
History Essay
How successful was Bismarck, in political control in Germany between 1871 -1890? Bismarck was successful in political control over Germany as he had created a new constitution which benefitted and suited his needs as chancellor as he had created an autocratic constitution which revolved around the Kaiser and himself. Bismarck’s success was due to numerous factors such as control over the Reichstag as Bismarck had manipulated the Reichstag so that he would be supported by the party with the majority. Thus proving that Bismarck’s political prowess was a force to be reckoned, with as he successfully and tactically negotiated deals which saw him “jumping into bed with the enemy”, meaning that Bismarck would remain the figurehead for political power ensuring a pre-eminent position for Prussia this is proven as 17/58 representatives in the Bundesrat were Prussian nationals. Another reason for Bismarck’s success would be his strong relationship with the Kaiser as Bismarck was able to manipulate and bend the Kaiser to his will; this meant that Bismarck ultimately ran the country vicariously through the Kaiser as he was the Kaiser’s main advisor. Bismarck’s relationship with the Kaiser also helped him to maintain political control over Germany as Bismarck had isolated the Kaiser away from his ministers and advisors so that the Kaiser felt solely dependant on him limiting the influence and interference of the German parliament. This idea is certified by the fact that Bismarck had outlasted all the other chancellors as he ruled along side the Kaiser for 20 years. However some would argue that what led Bismarck to his claim to political control would be the long term effect of the Kulturkampf as Bismarck was able to build a good papal relationship meaning that he was able to establish an alliance with Catholic Austria and the Catholic centre party (zentrum). Although this meant that Bismarck would loose the national liberals support and the majority in the...
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