How Successful Is Singapore in the Sporting Industry

Topics: Singapore, Olympic Games, Singapore Sports Hub Pages: 11 (3444 words) Published: December 4, 2012
I. Introduction
The body of this report is divided into two main sections. The first part addresses the main sports development in Singapore and the second assesses these developments and sheds light on problems encountered in the related developments.

II. Sports Development in Singapore
Much of Singapore’s economic success has been attributed to its status as a world-class commercial and trading centre. In the past century, the government has focused most of the nation’s policies to boost its economy and establish the country’s reputation in the global market. There were sparse efforts to refine plans and raise its sports profile. The report from the Committee of Sporting Singapore (CoSS) in 2001 stated that sports in Singapore have yet to mature as a professional mainstream pursuit unlike our international counterparts.

In the 21st century, the governing body began to take strides to improve the system. The vision of a ‘Sporting Singapore’ was introduced with three mutually reinforcing elements: - ‘Sports for All’, ‘Sports Excellence’ and ‘Sports Industry’. In 2006, the Sporting Culture Committee was formed to support the vision and also propose recommendations to guide Singapore’s sports developments in efforts to promote the sports culture.

A. Sports for All
The committee recognised that in order to foster a sports culture, broad-based participation from the local community would be necessary. The different communities in Singapore can bond and build camaraderie through sports. As such, campaigns have been introduced to encourage active lifestyles and raise sports interests. The upgrading of sports facilities also offer more opportunities to engage the public and also serve as venues for major events.

1. Campaigns for Mass Participation
Since 2008, the Singapore Sports Council (SSC) has launched the ‘Let’s Play’ movement to encourage community involvement in sports. Through engaging everyone in ‘playing, watching, cheering, spectating, volunteering’ or other ways, the committee aims to ‘energise life through sports’. In a recent collaboration to support the campaign, Coca-cola Singapore has sponsored S$5 million to bring sports closer to the masses. General Manager, Antonio Del Rosario, said, “We believe that everyone - business, government and civil society - has a role to play in promoting active, healthy living and we’re excited to work with the SSC to expand physical activity opportunities for Singaporean families."

2.Sports Facilities
In order to engage the public, the government has funded many related projects through the years. Park connectors have been built around the island to open up space for exercising and allow sports enthusiasts to travel between regional parks effortlessly.

When Singapore won the bid for the Youth Olympic Games (YOG) held in 2010, the nation was eager to showcase itself. Instead of constructing entire new venues, many existing facilities were instead upgraded so as to ensure sustainable resources. These facilities were popularised by YOG and citizens were made aware that such facilities were available for use.

In 2005, the Singapore Government unveiled plans to build a Sports Hub that is envisioned to be the country’s leading sports and lifestyle centre. The current construction of the 35-hectare site at Kallang will include the roof retractable national stadium, a world-class indoor aquatic centre and also a scalable multi-purpose arena.

Apart from that, the ongoing project of the Changi Motorsports Hub has also been highlighted by the government as a promise to the local motor sports fraternity that motor racing is not just an initial hype from the world’s first Formula One night race held in the country.

B. Sports Excellence
Sports excellence is essential in building national pride and improving a country’s international standing. In the last few years, the country has taken great strides towards sports...
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