How Stigma Interferes with Mental Health Care

Topics: Mental disorder, Psychiatry, Mental health Pages: 3 (881 words) Published: December 6, 2011
How Stigma Interferes With Mental Health Care
Patrick Corrigan’s article on stigmas and how they interfere with mental care brings insight into a world that many people face. Although there are conflicting ideas on how exactly stigmas towards mentally ill people are broken down, (people labeled mentally ill are stigmatized more severely than those with other health conditions; people with psychotic disorders are judged more harshly than people with depression or anxiety disorders) there is an ever looming problem with the treatment for mental disorders.

Most people diagnosed with a mental disorder avoid many treatment options, or if they are in a treatment program, they do not finish it to completion. There are four social-cognitive processes that contribute to the stigma process known as cues, stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination. The cues are what lead people to stigmatize those affected by mental disorders, such being maybe the way a person looks. A scruffy unkempt appearance can lead to the stigma that dirty people have mental disorders. Stereotypes and prejudices cause many to follow a negative idea set about mentally ill people. The discriminatory factor causes avoidance of those with a disorder and less interaction between them and the public. Public Stigma: Harm to Social Opportunities

Stereotype, prejudice, and discrimination all hinder the normal life someone diagnosed with a mental disorder could possibly have. Stereotypes and a prejudice stigmatism can keep many from opportunities that are essential for life goals. Corrigan writes that several studies have shown that public stereotypes and prejudice about mental illness have a deleterious impact on obtaining and keeping good jobs (Corrigan pg. 616). Not only is it fitting in with the public that is harmful to persons with mental disorders, but the outlook on them from the view of the law. Mentally ill individuals are more often than normal people to be arrested by the police....
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