How Steroids Changed Mlb

Topics: Home run, Baseball, Babe Ruth Pages: 3 (1303 words) Published: April 25, 2010
Known as America’s pastime, baseball is a game in which generations of children of all ages grow up playing in parks, streets, and alleyways throughout America. These same children grew up idolizing names such as Cy Young, Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, Jackie Robinson, and Hank Aaron. These men, as thousands of men before and after them, played in a league simply named Major League Baseball. Major League Baseball is rich in history with statistics and records dating back to 1873. (n. d.) provides this fact. However, as technology has advanced, so have the men who play this game. In the last 15 years athletes have become bigger, faster, and stronger making a game that is so difficult to play,look relatively easy. As a result records that have stood for many years are able to be shattered. Attendance has increased to record levels. Team owners and players are making record amounts of money. Unfortunately, along with these record accomplishments Major League Baseball is enjoying, the use of illegal drugs known as steroids are running rampant among the league’s players. Therefore, although players have become bigger, faster, and stronger, rampant steroid use among players of the last 15 years has changed the face of Major League Baseball negatively. Although it is true that steroids cannot improve a hitter’s hand-eye coordination, balance, or reflex, steroids can affect how hard a hitter hits a baseball. The harder one can hit a baseball the better the chance a hitter has of a getting a base hit. More hits lead to more runs scored, home runs hit, runs batted in by a single player. High statistics lead to Major League Baseball records that have stood for many years to be broken. A player will earn a high salary because of his accomplishments. He will have more of a fan base. This not only affects his pocket book, but the pocket book of the owner of the player’s baseball team because of the increased attendance the player generates. Higher...
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