How Stereotypes Affect Society

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  • Published: April 14, 2008
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In this world there are many things people are guilty of, one of those guilt’s is stereotyping others , even if it wasn’t meant in a harmful are negative way we all have been a victim or the aggressor . This paper will discuses what stereotypes are, how they affect people and how stereotypes can affect society. However, the common factor in either situation is that no good comes from stereotyping others.

All most everyone in there lifetime has stereotyped others are have been a victim of stereotypes. A stereotype is the belief about another culture, race or a person that has no logic or evidence to support there negative thoughts. Many people believe that when a person stereotypes another it is the lack of information or ignorance about the person or people they stereotype. There are many cases of people being, for example in the movie Crash a young black man played by Lorenz Tate was shoot by a white male because of fear. The white male was scared or made uncomfortable when the young man reached into his pocket abruptly, resulting in him shooting the young black man. Immediately afterwards we find out all the young man was reaching for was a spiritual hood ornament of a biblical character. Now the question you must ask your. If the victim was a white male, would there have been that sense of, fear or was the young man stereotyped for being a young black man. As people, we have stereotyped others or have been stereotyped, even young children judge other children by there appearance. The kid that wears glasses is a nerd or one students parents my not be able to afford expensive things, so the students that are well endowed label the less fortunate students as being poor. This causes those students to be outcast with out any justification. Other stereotypes can deal with race, which many people of ethnic backgrounds are victims of daily. For example many people are characterized by the clothes they wear for that fact that clothes are colorful which many people would say there are thugs are gang bangers. Are if an individual has nice things such as a nice car. People would be quick to comment that they are a drug dealer when that person could simple be a hard worker.

Stereotypes affect people in many different ways. There are two sides to stereotypes, the victims and there aggressors. Unfortunately, we all have been a victim of stereotypes even with out us knowing it. Stereotypes hurt, but individuals handle the problem differently some feel belittled or embarrassed. Many victims of stereotypes can cause people to lose confidents in there self and many others in a psychological way, which can damage social and personal development. Kids that are victims of stereotypes are affected the worsted. Not only are the kids emotionally damaged the victim them selves can turn into the aggressor and stereotype others. The aggressors in many cases are individuals that have been victims of stereotypes, or brought up in a household or environment where people are constantly stereotyping other. People brought up in that kind of situation my stereotype others cause that is all they have come to know. Some refer to this person as ignorant, which is a harsh but accurate assumption. The definition of ignorance is the lack of logic. Ignorance is the main cause for people stereotyping others. There have been many discussions on how to get ride of stereotypes. My idea is to put a culture class in junior high or high schools and make it a mandatory class. Now if this were to happen it would compel students to study and understand cultures that they normally would not study.

Stereotypes affect communities in ways that can destroy and divide them. If there were a lot of stereotyping going on in a community it would cause the community to stall in its economic growth, because lets be honest most of every thing we purchase in the U.S. is not made in the U.S. Take the movie Crash for instance there is a scene where Ludacris and...
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