How Stalin Became a Leader of Russia

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  • Published : December 6, 2013
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How and why did Stalin win to be the leader of Russia?

Stalin's manipulative personality

Joseph Stalin was known to have a manipulative personality. He was persuasive, educated, determined however also arrogant (due to his role as General Sectary). Also Lenin is rude as Lenin said in his testament “Stalin is too rude”. After Lenin died during the struggle for power Stalin was reasonably quiet at the beginning. This makes him sly and sneaky because we get the impression he is up to no good. Stalin also lied about the date of Lenin’s funeral to Trotsky. This meant that Trotsky didn’t attend the funeral which made Trotsky look really bad and disrespectful. Lying about the funeral date makes Stalin look cunning and his personality doesn’t seem like a nice person. However these factors aided him to become future leader of Russia.

Stalin’s choices of policies (NEP and socialism in one country)

During the beginning of the struggle for power after Lenin died Stalin formed an alliance with Zinoviev and Kamenev in 1923, this was purely to keep Trotsky out of power. However in early 1925 Zinoviev and Kamenev split from Stalin, he joined with Bukharin instead because Stalin said he was in favour of NEP. Zinoviev and Kamenev were removed from the party because they were against NEP. However in 1928 Stalin ended his alliance with Bukharin and rejected NEP; he had more communist ideas which appealed to young communist followers which helped him win the vote in 1929 which meant he won and became the leader of Russia. During the beginning of the struggle for power he was neither left not right wing (of communist ideas, all members of communism were left wing) – Stalin stayed in the middle. By doing this he didn’t seem like a threat to anyone as he slowly crept up to have power.

Stalin’s use of General Sectary

Stalin being General Sectary he was able to promote his followers but also demote and even fire people who opposed him. In my opinion without his...
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