How Stalin's Social Policies Affected Women and Children Essay Plan

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  • Published : April 14, 2013
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How far did Stalin’s social policies change the lives of children & women in the years 1945? Babies
•decline in birth rate in early 30's
•rewards for women with large families- money- women were encouraged to have more kids- increased population- women were given a set role •discouraged abortions- doctors who carried these out= 2 years imprisonment- lived in fear – had to get their role right- no second chances Homes

•responsible for household chores- resorting back to olden times? •wives of party officials expected to not work
•wives activist movement- organised nurseries etc.- bonded together-saw themselves as important- didn’t have men to help= more independent? •communist party wives were discouraged to do political work- politics was seen as a men’s game- a bit sexist? Money

•3-13 million women were employed
•41% of heavy industry workers were women
•increases in places in higher/technical education- at least had a chance to improve their lives •paid less- perhaps to discourage them to work
•80% of collective farm workers were women
•1st woman's tractor brigade - Pasha Angelina- stuck together- more independence Sex/ Relationships
•after 1917 rev looked for sexual freedom
•free love= divorce & family break down
•1934- campaign for sexual abstinence of young people- made sure children would be born into proper families •police action against women with 'immoral appearance'-discriminated- no freedom- had to •medical virginity checks- had to conform to ideals- weren’t trusted? •incest,bigamy,adultery & male homosexuality were legalised in '30 made illegal in '36 •no resources for the production of contraception so had to be extremely careful- no freedom Marriage

•reemphasised during '30's
•romance & glamour shown
•wedding rings banned in '28 allowed in '36
•mariage certificates printed on high quality paper= importance •married party members = priviledges e.g. spacious accomidation •communist husbands were to be main earner of...
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