How Stable Was Russia in 1906-1914

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  • Published : March 19, 2013
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Between 1906-1914 there were many problems occurring which was affecting the stability of Russia and Nicholas II’s autocratic regime. Soon after the 1905 revolution, there was still much tension present in Russia in the early years, but by 1914 greater stability had been achieved through a series of social, economical and political policies that had been brought about, although the underlying factor was that the causes of the revolution were not dealt with properly, thus an illusion of stability was created by 1914.

Similarly to Witte, when Stolypin came into power, he wanted to get the most out of Russia at this time of unrest and his main aim was to push the country hard to increase the efficiency of it. Witte chose to industrialise it by moving a lot of workers into a concentrated area to work for long hours under harsh conditions, whereas Stolypin chose an agrarian approach and pushed it hard. He chose to give peasants their own land and the right to rule their own land. Some questioned this unorthodox technique but it did prove to work effectively. This can be compared in another way to Wittes industrialisation, there had been no revolution before Wittes choice of the economic push yet Stolypin gained his power after the 1905 revolution and so had a better knowledge of the situation and who the tsar needed to keep on his side to avoid another revolution occurring. Stolypin decided to benefit the peasants by giving them land and by educating them; this luckily coincided with some good harvests which made the whole situation easier for Stolypin to get the peasants on the Tsars side, and for them to thank the Tsar for his prosperity. The use of agrarian reform had many benefits as it increased the efficiency of Russia’s farming sector and agriculture, he helped create financial aid to the peasants with the formation of the Peasant Land Bank, which helped them provide funds for them and their new land, and it also benefited the peasants to relieve tension...
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