How Stable Was Russia 1906-1914?

Topics: Russian Empire, Coup of June 1907 Pages: 3 (940 words) Published: December 17, 2012
In the period from 1906-1914 Russia had appeared to have stabilised due to the social reforms brought in by Stolypin. However this only really created the illusion of stability due to many underlying problems that led to the 1905 revolution not being dealt with, therefore Russia had stabilised very little in this period which in turn would lead to further unrest in the future. Politically, Russia was in a lot of danger as a result of the 1905 revolutions, and there were strong divisions. This put major stress of the government to stabilise and calm down strong revolutionary groups. One of the major ways in which this was done, was through the introduction of the ‘Dumas’s’ the first was in 1906. The problem with this was having elected Dumas of any genuine legislative control, and was mainly controlled by the Tsar. It was dissolved after two months indicating it didn’t have any major success. Then by the second of the Dumas in 1907, there was a lot of opposition particularly towards Stolypins’ land programme. Disagreement lay within the Duma, as well as between the government and the Duma. However, it did have some affects regarding the aim of the regime. The number of Kadets seats was halved. However the SD’s and SR’s benefited quite substantially gaining 188 deputies. However, by the third Duma June 1907-1912, the Tsar wanted to rid of the regime in hopes to make Russia a democratic nation, relying on the vote of upper classes. The Duma was dominated by right winged parties. However, it made a huge step towards modernising and industrialising Russia in that it allowed Stolypin to go forward with his land reforms without opposition from deputies. This theoretically would help towards stabilising Russia. Although it didn’t go according to plan. In fact it backfired on the Tsar and the government. In fact between 1911-1914 there was a sudden burst of terrorism and public disorder. In 1911 the number of strikes was a mere 24, however by 1914 in rose to 2401....
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