How Ssadm Work

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Purpose of SSADM
Structured Systems Analysis and Design Method (SSADM) is a systems approach to the analysis and design of information systems. •SSADM also leads to reduced project costs due to higher quality analysis and system design, improved communication and increased staff effectiveness. •SSADM defines each successive step on the outcome of prior steps. •SSADM has graphical user interface development object-oriented the one common method of application. •SSADM constructs a project to enter to be small, the duty of explicit definition, assigns the order and relations of between activity through the chart and model. •The following steps are worked through step by step-

(1) Feasibility Study
Examination and determination project whether is technically, in finance and society feasible. •The definite project is whether effective; for example the cost benefit analysis was undertaken. (2) Analysis and Requirements Specification

All aspects of analysis system, for example hardware and software •The request was then defined, for example specification causes. (3)Design
All of the system’s aspects are designed, for example software is coded. •Is designing, two types – logical design and physical design. •The logical design and system how related will operate. The physical design supplies all information that the programmer will request. (4)Implementation

The system was introduced to organization directly, the transformation that gradually used or runs and has the system parallel, operates until the new system smoothly.

All aspects of system were tested guarantee to be strong and reliability. •The test carried out the system again typically by team and by another test team of programming. (6)Maintenance
Must the maintainable system guarantee be usually strong and reliability. •To the alternation of system program, after it has deployed.
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