How Sports Affect Academics

Topics: High school, Prayer, School Pages: 3 (847 words) Published: March 10, 2013
How do sports affect students’ academics?
Reflective Piece
Narator: This Reflective Piece consists of three persons who are John, Rodney and Paul. Narrator: Week before Cape results are out
John: So fellas, cape results coming out? Feel allyuh do good? Rodney: I hope so, I put in enough time and study because I was behind and I wanted to prove that I could do what nobody expected of me and excel. Paul: Hahaha, Rodney why you studied? You are still going to fail? Rodney: No, I stopped basketball to study and I made some good sacrifices. Paul: Stopped basketball? Make me stop football na? I’m going to do excellent in Cape and get a scholarship just for football. John: Well like you, Paul, I continue to play cricket but I was also focusing on my studies and putting in meh extra work. I balanced my academics with my extra-curricular activities. Rodney: Well, we will see which one of the three techniques worked the best. John: Yes we will see, but I pray to God I succeed.

Paul: Ok den, we will see how good I’ve done.

Narrator: Walking in school to collect their results
John: Ok fellas, now today is the big day.
Rodney: Yes it is, we will find out what our future is and what our next step in life is. Paul: Who wanna pray?
Rodney: Pray na Paul.
Paul: Please Lord, let us get the required grades needed to further our education in what we will like to do and be proud in Jesus name, Amen! Rodney: When you serious, you serious boy Paul but why you couldn’t be serious like that for your school work as you were for football or for this prayer? Paul: I was! Allyuh was just getting fooled.

John: Let us just go quickly and get our grades please!

Narrator: After receiving the Cape Results
Rodney: Yesss! Da wa we talkin bout!
John: Dun kno, I do rel good dan.
Paul: Hmmm, I did ok, could have done better.
Rodney: John and Paul how allyuh do?
John: I did great, I got four distinctions and there’s even a bigger surprise. Guess? Paul: Wa is da boy?
John: Ok, I...
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